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  • How does Order Sencillo work for the Food Service Industry?
    Order Sencillo connects buyers, which include restaurants, cafes, hospitals, schools, etc., to suppliers they are currently purchasing from and other suppliers in the area that sell the same products. A buyer can custom build its order guide, and Order Sencillo shows what suppliers have the product in stock and their pricing. The buyer can then choose who they would like to purchase from and submit their orders to multiple suppliers with the click of a button. This goes for produce, meats & seafood, spices, grocery supplies, chemicals, paper supplies, and disposables.
  • Does Order Sencillo target buyers or suppliers?
    Easy, both! Order Sencillo was built for both buyers and suppliers, each having their own profiles. Order Sencillo allows the buyer the freedom to purchase from who they see fit and allows the suppliers to see what exactly a buyer needs. The days of cold calls and guessing are over! Unfortunately, too many times, sales reps take their entire catalog door to door to each business, while the business is often too busy caring for their guests or employees. The timing isn't always what works best for both parties. On Order Sencillo a buyer has a complete list of their needs that the supplier can see. Also, the supplier can list their entire catalog, and a buyer can search for new items to grow their business together.
  • How and who do I pay for my orders?
    All payments and credits are still directly with the buyer and supplier. Order Sencillo is a way for buyers to submit order requests as well as a communication tool for both parties.
  • Does Order Sencillo take the place of a Sales Representative?
    No, Order Sencillo is a tool for the Sales Reps to reach out to more customers in a timely manner. Item availability, pricing, and notifications are all in real time on Order Sencillo. Buyers still need a Sales Rep when wanting more information about a specific product, and to work collaboratively for both companies to grow together.
  • Who do I contact if there is an issue with my order delivery?
    You would reach out to your sales rep who you ordered the product from to discuss any issues with your order
  • If a business has contract pricing with a supplier, can a buyer restrict purchasing from other suppliers?
    Yes, the buyer can set up custom filters or restrictions to only purchase or see information from whom they choose.
  • Do I have to sign a contract to use Order Sencillo?
    No, Order Sencillo does not hold any business or supplier to contracts.
  • How do I build my order guide?
    Order guides are built from your catalog. Order Sencillo has thousands of items in its database, organized by category. Setting up your catalog is as easy as a click of a button. If we don't have a certain item, you can simply request it, and our team will add it to your catalog once the item is approved.
  • As a supplier, how easy is it to input pricing?
    Very easy! Suppliers can input pricing information two ways. You can simply upload your weekly pricing right into your profile, or you can manually change items individually. You can even set “set” pricing for certain items or buyer groups.
  • Can a supplier set minimums and order cutoff times?
    Yes, Suppliers can set minimums by purchase amount or case amount. Cutoff dates and times are also available to set. If a business tries to submit an order and does not meet the minimum or outside of the cutoff time, it will not allow an order to be placed.
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