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Your Foodservice
Ordering Solution

All-In-One Ordering and Foodservice Marketplace made 

Order Sencillo video

For Buyers

  • Order all your items from all of suppliers in one place!

  • Compare pricing in once location from all your suppliers! 

  • Set custom PAR inventory levels and let our technology automate your ordering needs!

  • Save time so you can do what you do best...Create amazing food!

For Suppliers

  • Receive all of your buyers orders in one location and in one easy format! No more guessing on what a buyer wants. 

  • Save time on the random emails and phone calls to focus on selling!

  • Price all of your items in one place to your connected buyers and connect with new customers seamlessly through our item matching technology! 

Trusted partners

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What is Order Sencillo? 

Order Sencillo is a connection platform that works for both buyers and suppliers in the foodservice industry. 

Manage Product Catalog

Each user can create and manage their own specific item catalogs for both buyers and sellers that is unique to their business needs. 

Connect to New or Existing Partners

Through our platform, you are able to now send and receive orders to all of your current partners as well as look for new opportunities to grow your business forward.

Find the Best Prices

A buyer is able to connect with either current or new suppliers to find the best pricing for the items they need to purchase. No more guessing at the cost, KNOW before you buy. 

Manage OrderGuides seemlessly

No more starting from scratch each time you place and order. Our platform lets you save and create your specific order guides so you can save time each week and maintain a more consistent purchasing routine.

Boosting Businesses


More orders processed with the same team size


Buyers save on average each month, reducing food costs!


Users in our community to help you connect with the right partners!


Items in our database to help you find the best product for your business to grow!

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How it works

Our simple process works for both Buyers and Suppliers


Create your Account

Enter general information about your business to help you market your company.


Upload your Customizeable Catalog

Whether you're a buyer or a supplier, list your item catalog that is specific to your business needs to reach your target audience


Connect to Grow Your business Forward

Connect with partners that help you reach your sales goals, and allow you the freedom to choose what partnerships work best for you.

Our Story

Order Sencillo was created to allow a faster and easier way to send and receive orders between both buyers and suppliers. Our work is designed to help connect buyers of all kinds, including restaurants, schools, hospitals, businesses, etc., in their search for food commodities such as produce, dry goods, and proteins, as well as supplies and equipment with the right suppliers!  

Like in any industry, you only know what YOU know! Keeping up with market changes, including pricing and access to goods and supplies, takes a team. As a procurement and networking platform, Order Sencillo is that team for businesses on both sides of the buyer and supplier spectrum. We have created a community that fills the gap between foodservice buyers and suppliers.

Through combined decades of hands-on experience in restaurant operations and procurement, we are here to make ordering …

a little more Sencillo!


John Cantu


 John has been in the restaurant industry for over 15 years, with wearing numerous hats from the front of the house to the back of the house operations. John knew there had to be a better way for chefs and buyers to receive pricing and placing orders, and he set out to create just that. Order Sencillo has been utilized in John's umbrella of restaurants helping them to save valuable time and reduce their food costs along with food waste. Helping to create a better buying tool for the foodservice industry has been a passion for John. 


Brian Foster


Brian has been working in the procurement industry for over 20 years. During his time in the industry, Brian knew that sending and receiving orders faster and in real time was the key to driving any business forward. Helping to reduce product waste caused by ineffective and old ways of doing business is something that helped lead to the creation of Order Sencillo! 


  • How does Order Sencillo work for the Food Service Industry?
    Order Sencillo connects buyers, which include restaurants, cafes, hospitals, schools, etc., to suppliers they are currently purchasing from and other suppliers in the area that sell the same products. A buyer can custom build its order guide, and Order Sencillo shows what suppliers have the product in stock and their pricing. The buyer can then choose who they would like to purchase from and submit their orders to multiple suppliers with the click of a button. This goes for produce, meats & seafood, spices, grocery supplies, chemicals, paper supplies, and disposables.
  • Does Order Sencillo target buyers or suppliers?
    Easy, both! Order Sencillo was built for both buyers and suppliers, each having their own profiles. Order Sencillo allows the buyer the freedom to purchase from who they see fit and allows the suppliers to see what exactly a buyer needs. The days of cold calls and guessing are over! Unfortunately, too many times, sales reps take their entire catalog door to door to each business, while the business is often too busy caring for their guests or employees. The timing isn't always what works best for both parties. On Order Sencillo a buyer has a complete list of their needs that the supplier can see. Also, the supplier can list their entire catalog, and a buyer can search for new items to grow their business together.
  • How and who do I pay for my orders?
    All payments and credits are still directly with the buyer and supplier. Order Sencillo is a way for buyers to submit order requests as well as a communication tool for both parties.
  • Does Order Sencillo take the place of a Sales Representative?
    No, Order Sencillo is a tool for the Sales Reps to reach out to more customers in a timely manner. Item availability, pricing, and notifications are all in real time on Order Sencillo. Buyers still need a Sales Rep when wanting more information about a specific product, and to work collaboratively for both companies to grow together.
  • Who do I contact if there is an issue with my order delivery?
    You would reach out to your sales rep who you ordered the product from to discuss any issues with your order
  • If a business has contract pricing with a supplier, can a buyer restrict purchasing from other suppliers?
    Yes, the buyer can set up custom filters or restrictions to only purchase or see information from whom they choose.
  • Do I have to sign a contract to use Order Sencillo?
    No, Order Sencillo does not hold any business or supplier to contracts.
  • How do I build my order guide?
    Order guides are built from your catalog. Order Sencillo has thousands of items in its database, organized by category. Setting up your catalog is as easy as a click of a button. If we don't have a certain item, you can simply request it, and our team will add it to your catalog once the item is approved.
  • As a supplier, how easy is it to input pricing?
    Very easy! Suppliers can input pricing information two ways. You can simply upload your weekly pricing right into your profile, or you can manually change items individually. You can even set “set” pricing for certain items or buyer groups.
  • Can a supplier set minimums and order cutoff times?
    Yes, Suppliers can set minimums by purchase amount or case amount. Cutoff dates and times are also available to set. If a business tries to submit an order and does not meet the minimum or outside of the cutoff time, it will not allow an order to be placed.

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