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Your Foodservice Ordering Solution

All in One Ordering Platform made Sencillo=Simple!

Trailblazing the path to bring transparency to the foodservice industry.

Save Time

Send and Recieve Orders in real time in one central location!


Buyers save on average each month, reducing food costs!


Users in our community to help you connect with the right partners!


Items in our database to help you find the best product for your business to grow!

Our Community

Order Sencillo Works in 3 simple steps:

Our platform was designed to work for both Buyers and Suppliers


Create your Account

Enter general information about your business to help you market your company. 


Upload your Customizeable Catalog

Whether you're a buyer or a supplier, list your item catalog that is specific to your business needs to reach your target audience.


Connect to Grow Your business Forward

Connect with partners that help you reach your sales goals, and allow you the freedom to choose what partnerships work best for you.


Order Sencillo is working to improve the relationship between buyers and suppliers in the foodservice industry. Our work is designed to help connect buyers of all kinds, including restaurants, schools, hospitals, businesses, etc., in their search for food commodities such as produce, dry goods, and proteins, as well as supplies and equipment with the right suppliers!  

Like in any industry, you only know what YOU know! Keeping up with market changes, including pricing and access to goods and supplies, takes a team. As a procurement and networking platform, Order Sencillo is that team for businesses on both sides of the buyer and supplier spectrum. We have created a community that fills the gap between foodservice buyers and suppliers.

Through combined decades of hands-on experience in restaurant operations and procurement, we are here to make ordering …

a little more Sencillo!

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